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New Moon Rituals

The new moon is a great time to release what's no longer serving you and give yourself a little check in for the new cycle ahead. As our world transitions at such a fast pace. Moon cycles are a great time to pause, reflect and create a deeper connection to nature. Take time to strengthen your relationship to self and others. To the earth and all the gifts she brings. To your relationship with spirit, your connection to being divinely led, this path will never lead you astray. 

New ūüĆö Rituals:

Tools You'll Need: Your favorite objects to create your new moon alter. A candle, writing tool and journal.

Create an alter: Surround yourself with objects, crystals of meaning to you, pull a card from your favorite deck. whatever feels right. You're doing it perfectly.

Call in your guides: Ancestors, angels, animals, universal life source, the elements, the directions, mother Gaia, grandmother Moon. Whoever you'd like in assistance to your greatest wellbeing in the highest love and light. Again, whoever feels right to you. These are your guides and they'll know who they are and how to assist you.

Light a candle.

New moon mantra:

"I am divinely led. I release the weight of that which no longer serves me. I am open to receive."

Journal Prompts:

  • What relationships (do a quick check in of all areas of life, money, career, health, self, others) are no longer serving me and what needs to happen to release them?
  • How can I step up in my relationships to self, others, the planet, spirit?
  • What do you need/want to call in from your relationships?¬†
  • How can you bring more balance into your life and relationships?

Set an intention for your next 28 day cycle and take action. What's one small step you can take in the next 24 hours to help strengthen your relationship to self/others/the planet/spirit?

Close your circle by sending gratitude to your guides.

May the energy of the new moon manifest the abundance of the gifts you are ready to receive.

With Love,



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